Mail Manager

Mail Manager

Mail Manager Candidates communicate and collaborate at the highest level and become expert in the use of e-mail software to manage scheduling, resources and team communication using Microsoft Outlook.

Module Goals
Mail Manager requires Candidates to:

  • demonstrate their skill and competence in using e-mail software to work, communicate and collaborate effectively.
  • set various user preferences in the e-mail client, to send and receive e-mails using the different features available.
  • make appointments, organise and update calendars, and carry out routine contact management tasks.
  • be able to collaborate by sharing calendars with work colleagues to work more effectively.
  • have a sound awareness of security issues when using e-mail, and appreciate their own responsibilities in this regard.
  • securely backup their work, and check and restore their backups.
  • have due regard to pertinent Health and Safety issues with regard to computers.


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