IT TroubleShooter

IT TroubleShooter Candidates develop the IT administrative skills required to deal with hardware, software,  and network issues in small IT network environments.


Module Goals 
IT TroubleShooter requires Candidates to:

  • demonstrate their competence in running and maintaining a small office IT network. 
  • understand key computing concepts such as: hardware, software, memory and networks. 
  • troubleshoot practical, everyday problems associated with a small office, in areas such as hardware and software, peripheral device installations, user account setup and including the upgrading of hardware and software. 
  • create and manage e-mail accounts.
  • recognise pertinent security issues for end-users and promote sound password usage policies. 
  • perform and check server backup routines.
  • know about good password policies for the organisation, and be able to install anti-virus software. 
  • have due regard to pertinent Health and Safety issues computer users.
  • be able to act as an interface with IT contractors where their assistance is necessary.


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