Project Manager Module

Project Manager Candidates plan, resource, execute and manage mid-sized projects to deliver high quality, properly-defined, well-organised results on time and on budget using Microsoft Project.

Module Goals 
Project Manager requires Candidates to:

  • Use project management software to plan, manage and collaborate effectively.
  • Set application user preferences to optimise work effort.
  • Manage views for resource sheets, Gantt charts, calendars and toolbars.
  • Create and assign tasks and summary tasks.
  • Relate tasks as predecessors or successors and create constraints and deadlines.
  • Set task durations and add milestones.
  • Assign different project resources: people, equipment and materials.
  • Set measurements for materials, resource pay rates and equipment hire rates.
  • Track and manage resources and availability.
  • Format text, headers and footers and bar styles for Gantt Charts and calendar views.
  • Add a project baseline and track progress to completion.
  • Generate various project reports and charts and output to file or print.
  • Publish a project plan or report online.
  • Be aware of security issues and pertinent laws and guidelines.


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